chinese recipes fused
with distinct indian flavors


Our Story

Hakka food is an elegant fusion of unique Hakka Chinese cuisine with distinct Indian spices and flavours. Over 100 years ago the original recipes traveled from Mei Zhou, China to India with the Hakka people, who eventually settled in the village of Tangra, Calcutta. Over several generations, the marriage of oriental techniques with Indian ingredients evolved into a gastronomic explosion of taste.

HAKKA Restaurant & Bar is Trinidad & Tobago’s premier Hakka cuisine restaurant. We strive tirelessly to bring the culinary magic of Tangra to our guests. Our chefs have traveled from the top Hakka restaurants in India to meticulously prepare dishes that capture the sights, tastes and aromas that define the HAKKA experience. Since 2010 we have treated thousands to an enlightened dining experience, highlighted by mouthwatering cuisine, trendy décor and a chilled ambience. HAKKA is ranked in the top 10 restaurants in T&T and is rated No. 1 for Chinese. We have also received certificates of excellence consecutively from 2014 to 2018, putting HAKKA in the prestigious TripAdvisor Hall of Fame.

our menu showcases tantalizing spicy
and authentic chinese receipes fused
with distinct indian flavours




Pepper Salt Calamari
Mixed Vegetables
Konjee Crispy Chicken
Hakka Special Noodles
Crispy Chili Mushroom
Chili Paneer
Chili Eggplant
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken Crispy Thread
Beef Manchurian
Talu Mein Soup
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